Gift Cards & Certificates

Gift Cards


The Gift Card is a card with 2 fixed values​​:$5.000 and $20.000. This card can be used as payment on affiliated stores within the Free Trade Zone.

Advantages: the main one is that it is a simple way to recognize, effortless thinking of the perfect gift for the person who receives it, it is a practical gift.
If you want to purchase a Gift Card, you can do so at the Tobacco M & S, located on the first level of the Shopping Center, or at the kiosk located within Abu-Gosh Supermarket.


Gift Certificates

certificateIt’s adifferent from the Gift Card and is mainly oriented to companies and institutions, primarily to benefit program stoits employees, awards, recognition, enforcement of goal,welfare, etc.

You can have anyvalue on it, and will depend onthe trade agreementsignedwith the company/institutionthat followsthe program.Certificatesin generalare personaland not transferable.They can onlybe redeemedon the stores affiliatedto the agreement.

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Gift Cards and Certificates