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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Soc. de Rentas Inmobiliarias Limitada or SRI or ZonAustral, administrator and concessionaire of Punta Arenas Free Trade Zone, has the website (www.zonaustral.cl) with the objective of disseminate, promote, inform and communicate any matter related with Free Trade Zone franchise, as well as any activity developed inside Punta Arenas Free Trade Zone building. This is a free-access website, but when consulting the contents it is important to be aware of the conditions of use for such information.

Conditions of Use

All content on this website, including text, images and others are owned by SRI and are disseminated through Internet with the sole purpose of informing all interested persons (for different reasons), as well as the dissemination of Free Trade Zone Regime activities, and the different economic and recreational activities that SRI offers.

Sociedad de Rentas Inmobiliarias Limitada is not responsible for any use which may be made of the contents of this website or for any consequences resulting from economic, commercial or mercantile – or any other nature – decision attributed to data interpretation, comments, figures, statements or any other type of information available on this website.

This is a public information website. If you require making investment decisions or other type of decision related to our areas of activities, we advise you to consult authoritative sources, or contact our specialists through the mechanisms available on this site if you require additional information about ZonAustral.

When consulting this website, you should note that it is possible the presence of typing or spelling errors, inaccuracies, outdated information, technical or computational problems, among others.

The information can be updated, modified, deleted or reformulated without notice. This website is updated as soon as the required information is available, which may or may not match the expectations of the users.

Copyright of all information available on this site, in the form of text, photos, illustrations, logos or applications are owned by Sociedad de Rentas Inmobiliarias Limitada or their authors. Materials may be used for personal projects, educational or other non-profit activities.

It is essential to cite ZonAustral or Sociedad de Rentas Inmobiliarias Ltda. as the owner of the copyright or copyright © in all cases, and there must be somewhere a link to the original source of that information, that is to say, this site.

Sociedad de Rentas Inmobiliarias Limitada prohibits the misuse of the contents of this website. The information, whether text, photos or applications cannot, for any reason, be used for commercial or advertising purposes.  It cannot be reproduced in catalogs, advertisements, advertising of any kind. It cannot it be altered, cropped, manipulated or subjected to any other type of modification for purposes other than those provided for this website. Under no circumstances can be used for illegal activities or those that are suspected of infringing the law.

All legal, administrative or regulatory information must be necessarily verified and confirmed directly with the authoritative source, without prejudice that all additional information must be requested directly to Administrator and SRI Concessionaire.

We emphasize that all information published on this website is for reference only and may be changed.

For any questions or suggestions, please write to info@zonaustral.cl